how much do I really know?

i discovered a word a little while ago, the word ‘smattering‘. Google defines it as:



  1. A slight superficial knowledge of a language or subject: “a smattering of Spanish”.
  2. A small amount of something.

i have always fancied myself as someone who ‘knows a lot, about a lot of things’ until i got whipped in the behind by a couple of situations. this got me wondering: how much do I really know? the only answer, i could come up with was, ‘stuff’.. you know, ‘life stuff’, ‘grown-up stuff’.

for some reason, i dared to imagine that i was ‘educated’ about stuff only because i used to have a ‘smart’ answer for everything.turns out smart responses aren’t really good indicators of how much I know. so now when asked, if I know anything about anything. I gesture hesitantly, ‘a smattering’….