the deal

Nothing beats the discovery of love in tree houses.
With birds chirping all around, loud enough to muffle the sounds
that we shouldn’t be making in the first place.
We imagine ourselves in that other city,
In another world another time where no one knows who we are and
where we’ve been
Avenues lined with palm trees,
We walk hand in hand
Far from a life punctuated with uncertainty.
Nothing beats the feeling of stolen moments
Whispers in the dark, secrets sworn
Happy in the knowledge that we’re each other’s One.
With the prospect of marriage looming happily in our horizons
Mirages of a life we’ve been dreaming of for so long.
Well, that’s how we hope it is going to be.
He never escapes my imagination and I his.
He is presence and I am reality.

I have a story for you

Came across this while hanging out on Tumblr the other day… a collection of interesting pictures, quotes, random poetry… some stuff that got me thinking… i love stuff that ignites some fire in my pretty little head


” When life imitates poetry

I have written many pieces that I didn’t understand at the time. Stuff that I didn’t even relate to. And every one of them (so far) has come back to mean something. I wrote “The sun has no time for your broken heart” when it didn’t really mean anything, but right now it means everything.

Funny how God talks to you through your calling.