the messages in African typography

until a few hours ago, i had no idea who Saki Mafundikwa was, let alone the fact that he’s written the book on African design heritage.

i came across this video of a TED Talk he did on the ‘ingenuity and elegance in Ancient African alphabets’…

he reaffirms the fact that the ‘creative process of design has always been potent’ and African designers would do well by looking within instead of looking outside for inspiration..

the alphabet was born in African, therefore we have an inherited advantage when it comes to creating typography and there is a rich heritage upon which to base new creations…

watch this video for inspiration…


design: creation

There’s nothing that fascinates me more than the creative process… especially of art forms other than writing (I like to believe that I am a writer, you see)…

I came across this video of Mike Harrison, graphic designer and illustrator, based in London. in this clip, he gives a tutorial of his work for the Fotolia TEN collection using Adope Photoshop and Illustrator… some amazing stuff! What’s special about the Fotolia TEN Collection is ‘that people can download the full PSD free of charge for 24 hours allowing them to discover techniques, tips and tricks from the artist.’ Check the work out on Mike’s website. Actually before you do that, here are some images of Mike’s work from this collection:

















This process of creation reminds me of Marian Bantjes’ film I saw during the 2013 Design Indaba Film Fest.. I had the pleasure of interviewing Marian… very humbling experience… her process of creation – beautifully intricate.. For once, I have no words to describe… Have a look at this snippet of her TED talk – here she talks about her work and how she aims to create work that incorporates make HERSELF AND the CLIENT happy. Definitely a space worth aspiring to.

Here are some samples of her work:

marian bantjes 3







marian bantjes 1









marian bantjes 2