me at wdc stand at DI 2013I am an experienced writer, editor and translator (Xhosa/English) always on the lookout for a challenge to sink my teeth into.

A seasoned communications practitioner with more than 9 years experience in corporate communications, PR, events and marketing communications in the financial services, NGO sectors, publishing and PR & Media consulting.

I am passionate about the role of arts and creative thinking as a way of helping high school learners access their curriculum. I get to live this passion through tutoring high school learners in grades 9 – 12 and running a Media, Image & Expression Programme.

Learning is a secret longing I try to feed now and then. I’m a mature student currently studying Linguistics & Political Studies at UNISA.

After quitting my job, I discovered a name for my fascination for turning ideas into profit machines – entrepreneurship and how to grow emerging businesses through using creative thinking… I chat about this fascination on Network Radio SA now and then… I do my bit towards empowering other emerging entrepreneurs through my Facebook Page – THE MUSE-UM Project

– Nelisa Ngqulana, Owner of The Muse-um, a communications design agency based in Cape Town….


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