stranger, gone

Sometimes I like walking with my eyes fixed on the ground. My bored feet start to kick over rocks uncovering uselessly precious treasure. It is then that i stop to wonder if it is all worth it.

The other day while looking for directions to his place, I found myself in front of an unfamiliar building. Something about its pretentious facade reminded me of something I’ve seen before. Somewhere I’d been before.

I carry on heading, with purpose, to this place where I hope he will be.

It probably helps that the slight breeze of spring had replaced the heaviness of the wintry wetness. Goodness knows, the flimsy dress and sandals don’t provide much cover.

We finally meet. Strangers whose souls had probably met in another realm. I know because  eyes recognise mine from across the street. The bodies milling around us, separating us from the moment.

Something happens. A hint of lightning rumbling. Distracts him for a second. A delivery truck passes by. Hiding him from my view only for seconds. When it finally passes. He’s not there.

Gone. The word leaves my lips. How do I? How do I? These words keep playing over and over in my head. Because I know what I saw.


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