the long shots: truth in comedy

the long shotsSo I braved torrential Cape Town rain on a Tuesday evening, thinking to myself, ‘this better be good’ and half hoping I wasn’t going to be one of two people who bothered to show up. Little did I know, the Long Shots have quite a following.

The Long Shots are an improvisation troupe based in Cape Town, takes impromptu to another level. Or so I was set to discover when I went to one of their once-a-month shows at the Truth Café on Buitenkant Street, Cape Town.

The Truth in Comedy show is made up of short and long form improvisation. All the sketches are unrehearsed and the actors simply make up action and dialogue based on the skimpy outlines provided by the directors and the suggestions thrown in by the all-too-eager audience. And the audience participation is what made the show special for me.

The sketches ranged from an interactive poem with the starting line, ‘ Jacob Zuma has 6 wives’ and ends with ‘would you give me weed’. You can imagine the chaos in between. To a multimedia presentation (with actors as the ‘presentation’) about the plight of the sloth in Kazkhastan presented by a Russian Professor.

Even when someone from the audience shouted, ‘Zimbabwe’ when asked for a title for film made in Korea, the actors launched into made-up ‘Korean’ with suitably hilarious English translation, as if there was nothing out of place with the combination.

Comedy is obviously a rather subjective art, there were some moments that were downers for me. But judging by the roaring audience behind me, there were definitely enough winning moments to say the show was a success.

This show was their first at the Truth Café, the Long Shots’ new home. They will perform here every second Tuesday of the month. The troupe offers a weekly drop-in class on Thursday evening, where anyone is welcome to have fun with improv.

Facebook page: ‘The Long Shots’ Improvised Comedy Troupe.


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