book o’ love: verses 2 – 5

book o love 12

Loving over a sandwich on a balmy spring afternoon

We spoke for the first time.

I’d been circling you.

Didn’t know if you’d noticed

Until that day.

We stood in your kitchen

Oblivious to the voices,

the bodies

milling around us


 book o love


First kiss

My 25th birthday

Encounters film festival,

Some theatre in town


I’d been waiting in pensive anticipation,

For my birthday kiss,

But when our lips met.

That first time.

That first kiss

Was like coming up for air.

I can still taste it.

Remember it.

 book o love 3



First hang out

20 October

Your place

I was on my way home from a stressful exam. I remembered that you said you’d be at home that afternoon. So I took a chance and knocked on your door.

I don’t remember what we spoke about that day besides the Johnny Depp movie that was playing in the background.

I was only just too happy to be in the same space as you.

book o love 4


First date

Band: Sun of a thousand blues

Somewhere in town



I think we both were,

Smokey room.

Drinks in hand

Loud chatter and music

Forcing you,


To whisper

Breathe closely

into each other’s ears


That night, as we lay

On the floor

In your living room.

I could see stars

Through the ceiling.


book o love 6

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