R206 million for one man – not ok

i found it quite a co-incidence that i should be reading Justice Malala’s column this morning in The Times (28.01.2013). just yesterday, i was pondering the same thing while reading the Sunday Times story on the amounts spent renovating ministerial homes… in this column, Malala laments the obscenity of spending R206 million on one man (no names mentioned)..

the questions that have stayed with me from his article: why is this ok? how come none of the journalists at a press conference with Minister Nxesi didn’t bother to ask why it was necessary to spend R206 million on one man?


in a country where many people have taken to the streets to voice their dissatisfaction with their living standards, the perpetual corruption, the scandals (and many other ugly words)… why is such excess still allowed? why are we still allowing it? who is really footing the bill? why are we responsible for his private residence? if there a security issue, the necessary must be done (i.e. providing more guards or whatever resources necessary) within reason.

what i find even more disturbing is the fact that Mr President has been rather quiet on this issue. as a ‘man of the people’, i would expect some sensitivity. some sensitivity to the plight of the poor.. the perception this creates about his office… is it too much to expect that he would bother to explain?.. is he behaving like an “African”?

nkandla 2


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