authors should also know when they have finished their run… anything else destroys their legacy… personally, no matter how dedicated a fan, i would never have the heart to watch someone else bask in my creation…

A camera travels

Awriter'stoolshsDoes it matter if I wrote this post or not? Or is it okay to have an idea, have the money to pay another writer to bash it out, and then sit back, make a few corrections and then finally place my name on it?

Recently I read about an author, well-loved, well-respected, who is doing just this. His age, he says will not allow him to write as he has in the past.

But….I have to qualify this post as I have not read any of this author’s books, nor am I a dedicated fan. Perhaps if I was a dedicated fan, I would be so desperate for anything from my beloved, that I would pay for his idea to be written by someone else. And he is getting a hefty sum, a 15 million pound contract for six books. Egads…what am I doing wrong?

I want to read…

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