blank page

blank pageso, you have finally decided that you are going to put some words to paper… or you need to brainstorm ideas… but the minute your *bum* hits the seat nothing moves your fingers to write anything… so you sit there, staring at the blank page… a few seconds later, you have moved on… to anything that has nothing to do with thinking about writing

Psychology Today has some tips on how to end writer’s procrastination

I quite like their use of the word procrastination. Often as a writer, I like to believe that lack of ‘words’ or ‘inspiration’ is due to some ominous power that is bigger than me… no, i would never think that i am the reason.. i can’t think that of course.. so i wallow in my malaise for days, weeks, months, years…

i will definitely add more text on this topic.. it’s one i quite like..


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