singing divas inspire….


there is something diva-rish about jazz singers which I have come to expect. i must admit I do get secretly disappointed when I don’t get a sense of that..  I didn’t have to worry about that at the Mahogany Room the other night… Serbian vocalist, Jelena Jovovic, had me from the first note…. as she tore into popular songs and made them her own… i sat captivated.. by her stage presence…

of course the band HAD to be magnificent to keep up with her…  I say give me a lilting piano (Andrew Lilley on the piano), a discernable bass line (Shane Cooper on bass), and a mad drummer (Kesivan Naidoo on the drums) then I am your girl… Any vocalist who owns her voice whether she is digging into classics like watermelon man, let’s stay together or good ol’ Barbara Streisand (I am not a fan but I was grooving to it at this performance) has my vote… What more could I have asked for? This music… It make me feel something


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